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Aditya Champions Trophy 2012

ACT 2012 Bulletin

2K12 ACT cup lifted by Civilians
Aditya III ECE B Vs Aditya III Civil (Saturday - 20th October)

The most awaited ACT has finally come to end with many smiles.It was between two Aditya College Teams who were fighting for that cup and a chance to organize the next years ACT.It was Aditya's III ECE-B who batted first and scored 62 runs with the loss of 4 wickets in 10 overs.It was Shiva And Moin who scored 3/4th of the score.Shiva scoring 21 runs with 2 fours.And bowlers were trying their best to take wickets in time which was passible only at last few overs where Raju took 2 wickets for 2 overs.Then it was the turn of Aditya's III Civil who batted.The batsman were waiting for the ball to come on to the bat as they were required to score 63 runs in 10 overs.There batsman Raju gave an end to it with a turning six .They won the match with 6 wickets remaining.Man Of The Match:Raju 

"Adityians" into Finals
Aditya III Civil Vs Sri Aditya III EEE A (Thursday - 18th October)

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ACT 2012 Summary

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Latest ScoreCard

MATCH_067 - Aditya III ECE B Vs Aditya III Civil
Result: Aditya III Civil won by 7 wickets against Aditya III ECE BPlayed on: 20th October 2012 (Saturday)
Aditya III ECE B Innings - 62/4 in 10.0 Overs
Batting PerformancesBowling Performances
Shiva : 21 runs - 2x4
Moin : 18 runs - 1x4
Venu : 7 runs - 1x4
Raju : 2 wickets 2 Overs
Swamy : 1 wickets 2 Overs
Aditya III Civil Innings - 66/4 in 7.1 Overs
Batting PerformancesBowling Performances
Raj Shekar : 29 runs - 4x4
Raju : 20 runs - 2x6,1x4
Swamy : 6 runs -
Venu : 2 wickets 2 Overs
Nani : 1 wickets 2 Overs

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