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Differently-Abled Friendly Resources

Safety modifications

Several modifications are made to help navigate within a building or in otherareas where there are changes in surface heights.

These include:
  • ● RAMPS
  • ● LIFTS

To make mobility easy for people with wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and canes ,Ramps are made available at places where required all around the campus.

Disable Friendly Ramp At C.V.Raman Block Aditya College Of Engineering & Technology



Disable Friendly Ramp At Different Essential Areas Aditya College Of Engineering & Technology

Hand Railed Stair Case

Wide Corridors

Provision For Lift at Sir C V Raman Bhavan



Accessible toilets are toilets that have been specially designed to better accommodate people with physical disabilities, Additional measures are taken to add accessibility to a toilet include more space, grab bars to ease transfer to and from the toilet seat.


Disable Friendly Wash Rooms

Mobility Aids

Mobility aids are devices designed to help people (disabilities or injuries, or older adults) who have problems moving around enjoy greater freedom and independence.
Wheelchairs are provided on the college premises to allow better accessibility, the helpline is offered for the people who require assistance.


Signages are provided in and outside the capus to facilitate easy commutation through out the campus

Sinages out side the collge building for location





Reserved seats in the facilities

Seats are reserved for the differently-abled friends at various public places like

  • ● Seminar halls
  • ● College busses

Reserved Seats for physically handicap

Supporting Step for physically handicap

Reserved Area In Seminar Hall

Scribe for Examination

What is a Scribe?

Ascribe (sometimes referred to as an ‘Amanuensis’) is a person who writes or word processes a student’s dictated answers in exams. Scribes need to be familiar with the subject area and terminology and to have neat and legible handwriting, or, if using a computer, they should be proficient in word processing.

Who is eligible to have a Scribe?

Generally, students who have an impairment that restricts the ability to hand-write, type or maintain the posture required for writing, or students who, as a result of an impairment, present information better in oral than written form, may require an amanuensis. Students should have a Personal Learning Support Plan (PLSP).

In The Erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, Had Given Certain Special Concessions To The Physically Challenged Students Studying Engineering, Pharmacy, MBA & MCA Courses during the written examinations

A. The Facility Of

  • i. Providing A Scribe And
  • ii. 20 Minutes Of Compensatory Time For Each Hour Of Examinations Is To Be Provided To All Physically Challenged Candidates,

If The

  • i. The Student Is With 40% Or More Disability And
  • ii. Have Necessity To Use A Scribe To Write The University Examinations As Per Reference (4) This Facility Is Provided To The Students Admitted Into All Courses Of The University.

B. Physically Challenged Students Who Are Not Making Use Of A Scribe Are Also Eligible For "Compensatory Time" As Given In Point (A) Above.

C. In Case, Any Of The Students Admitted In Other Than Physically Challenged Quota And Becomes Handicapped Due To Any Type Of Accident, His/her May Be Provided Similar Benefit Of Using A Scribe On Production Of "Medical Certificate" From Competent Authority. The Student Shall Submit Such Certificates to the Principal of the College and the Principal Shall, In Turn, Send It Along With Other Documents, to the university.


  • • NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free "screen reader" that allows people who are blind or visually impaired to utilise computers.
  • • It uses a computerised voice to read the words on the screen.
  • • You can control what is read to you by using a mouse or the arrows on your keyboard to move the pointer towards the correct portion of text.

Software licence screen

Scren shot of system with software